Big deal!

There is less that makes us different than makes us all the same. I base a lot of my artwork on that principle, i.e. exploring all the things we have in common. I am not religious. Usually, I avoid the subject but something has caught my attention. Nothing to do with paedophile vicars or abusive Christian homes for unwed mothers,orphans, etc.

**Stops to metaphorically sweep those stories under the carpet**

I have a real problem with hypocrisy and discrimination, especially when religion is used to excuse, nay condone it. The man in the image, below, is Nicholas Chamberlain, the Bishop of Grantham. He’s been causing quite a stir after confirming that he is gay and currently in a celibite relationship. Big deal! It’s certainly not illegal so, if it’s consensual, that’s fine by me.

To those ardent Anglicans who have criticised this honesty, shame on you. In modern times, religion is far from people’s priorities. It conflicts with many aspects of known science and natural history. If religion wants to be more inclusive, it needs to be more representative of the congregations it’s supposed to serve. And before you start spouting off about sinful behaviours and eternitities of damnation, surely that’s between Nicholas Chamberlain and his God.

[Click on the image for the full story].


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