Things NOT to say to an artist.

Honestly, I have heard a lot of the statements, below, more than a few times. For the most part, they’re not said to offend. Nevertheless, they are still a bit patronising, demeaning or downright rude. You wouldn’t ask a doctor if they did medicine for a living, would you?

This is by no means exhaustive but there hereby follows a few things which you really shouldn’t say to an artist:

  1. You’re an artist? What do you paint?
  2. Do you do it as a hobby?
  3. Do you do that for a living?
  4. Do you not have to be good at art to be an artist?
  5. Can you paint me a picture to match my curtains?
  6. That’s…er…interesting.
  7. Is it finished?
  8. What is it meant to be?
  9. I don’t understand that ‘arty farty’ modern stuff.
  10. I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s proper art.
  11. Is it supposed to be that colour?
  12. My grandaughter is really good at art and she’s only 4!
  13. I wanted to be an artist but my parents made me get a proper job.
  14. You don’t really need a degree to be an artist, do you?
  15. What do you call that artist who did the paintings of women/ buildings/ rivers, etc…?

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